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Free Chlorine Functionality

Hardness/Langelier Saturation Index Calculator allows you to determine water balance adjustments on the spot.

Faster, simpler more accurate free chlorine readings measuring a dynamic range of concentrations wider than the range of colorimetric test kits.

Easily transfer stored readings to Macintosh and PC platforms with the optional bluDock™ accessory package.

Ample memory provides increased flexibility to record and store 100 separate readings.

Real Time Clock with Date & Time Stamp allows you to maintain the integrity of each individual reading.

In-Cell titrations are simple to do. Reagent solutions are color-coded for easy recognition during procedure. Cell extender, pipette and replacement tips are included with kit.

The pH/ORP sensor chamber provides protection to a unique porous liquid-junction.

The large capacity KCI reservoir guarantees extended life.

A custom LCD helps simplify calibration and operation by using annunciators and prompts to indicate various conditions

IP67/NEMA 6 rated PoolPros are waterproof and buoyant and can be fully immersed to 3 feet/1 meter.



PS9 AHL Titration Kit
with hard protective case includes PS9; cell extender; titration plunger; 100μL pipette; 12 tips; 3 buffers (pH 4, 7, and 10); pH/ORP Sensor Storage Solution; ORP Conditioner Solution; titration reagents H2SO4-1, HCl-3, NAOH, EDTA-LC, EDTA-HC; Alkalinity Standard 100; Hardness Standard 200; standard solutions KCI-7000, 442-3000, and NaCl-7500. All bottles are 2oz/59ml.
Model: PS9TK

PS9TK AHL Titration Kit can be ordered with the bluDock Accessory Package, as well.
PS9TK with bludock
Model: PS9TK-BD

bluDock™ Accessory Package includes bluDock™, Macintosh/PC application software and Wireless USB Adapter for downloading data and printed instructions.

Certificates confirming the NIST traceability of an POOLPRO are available (must be specified when placing instrument order).
Model: MC

Conductivity Standard Solutions are necessary to maintain accuracy and for periodic calibration of conductivity and TDS parameters. All Standard Solutions are NIST traceable for your complete confidence.
Recommended values: KCl- 7000 (7mS), 442-3000 (TDS), or NaCl-7500 (ppm) available in 2oz/59ml, 1qt/1L, and 1gal/3,8L.

pH Buffers are necessary to maintain accuracy and for periodic calibration of pH and ORP parameters. Calibration with pH 7 Buffer is especially important. All pH 4, 7, and 10 Buffers are NIST traceable and are available in 2oz/59ml, 1qt/1L, and 1gal/3,8L.

pH Sensor Storage Solution Available in 2oz/59ml, 1qt/1L, and 1gal/3,8L.
Model: SS20Z, SSQ and SSG

Certificate of NIST traceability for pH Buffer or Conductivity Standard Solutions are available (must be specified when placing solution order). Model: SC

Hard protective case (small)
Model: UPP

Hard protective case (kit) for PS6FCE with three buffers (pH 4, 7, and 10), one pH/ORP storage solution, and three standard solutions, (KCI-7000, NaCl-7500 and 442-3000). All bottles are 2 oz/59 ml.
Model: PKPS

Soft protective case is constructed of padded Nylon and features a belt clip for hands-free mobility.
Model: UCC (Blue)
           UCDT (Desert Tan)

Replacement pH/ORP sensor user-replaceable, features a unique/porous liquid-junction.
Model: RPR

ORP Sensor Conditioner Solution for precision ORP readings.

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Limited Warranty
All Myron L® POOLPROs have a Two (2) Year Limited Warranty. The pH/ORP sensors have a Six (6) Month Limited Warranty. Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the POOLPRO only, at our discretion. Myron L® Company assumes no other responsibility or liability.

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